Friday, September 14, 2007

Almost there...

the real K29 starts next week!
Full Marvelous Monday rotation in which the kids will be bringing home library books!
Beginning of the 2 week GARDEN UNIT! It's very cute and very traditional!
Full T,W,Th Rotation with parents in class!

Library Procedure: READ CAREFULLY:
Every Monday your child leaves me (while I coach PE) to go to the Library and check out a book (assuming they return the one from last week). They bring the book back to class and take it home EVERY Monday. When you pick them up Mondays you should BE SURE they have a library book!
This book STAYS HOME til next Monday. If you forget it on a Monday keep the old one until the next Monday! any questions?
Please use the following info to contact the person you are sharing your shift with to make a sched of who works when

partners julie/kelly, pam/lauren, sheryl, heidi, Yvette and SUB (yvette, you come in every other week starting this week), ann/darren, monika/john P, doug (every week?), kristy (every week?), orly/yarielena, deirdre/tolles
quote of the day: 10:18am Chelsea said "I like Josh, he talks fancy" (josh has an australian accent)

If you think that dressing your child in Dodgers, Eagles, Kings, Clippers or UCLA clothing will get your child special treatment you are RIGHT!

The kids got some pretty cool workbooks and we started on them.

No K29 child threw anything away in the trash. (cause mr. cool insists that half eaten bananas go home in the lunch boxes to show mom and dad that they can't eat a whole banana.)

A parent mentioned that her kids lunch got warm in the sun on the hooks. If you are concerned about this feel free to use the hooks on the other side of the class usually reserved for rainy days. just make sure your child knows where their stuff is.

Here is the recommended order list from the Book Catalog that is coming home with your kids today! remember, the more you order the more cool stuff the class gets... Some of these books you wont need til way later in the year... OF COURSE, feel free to order anything you want but these books are related to some of the themes we will be covering this year.

Please have this in by next friday.

I am going to start at the beginning of the packet. Please Make sure your check is accurate to the penny. please staple a list of books to the check. thanks!

so your order sheet should look like this:
Joe Cool
69. scooby doo 3.95
88. dinosaurs 4.95
total xxxx

39. halloween bingo
78. tonka set
40. halloween pack
79. tonka reading
81. dinosaur book
62. halloween mazes
62. major league baseball
23. Crime scene
53. pirate pete
51. 1001 pirate things
66. scooby doo
18. dinosaur
10. build a dino kit
41. i like sports pack
67. lets learn about dinos
82. pirate ahoy pack
116 tonka library
98 scooby pack

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