Monday, September 24, 2007

1.  I have openings for Tues and Thurs Penmar at 2:12 if you can swing it.  get it?  swing it?

2.  I am in awe of the basketball talent displayed on Sat. just as you are probably in awe of my skills.  Jake's mom found out the hard way (as I was dunking over her) that Mr. S only has one speed:  ALL OUT.  It does not matter who I play against, I bring the pain.  And kudos to Stella's dad for playing through some rather severe chest pains.

First we are going to beat last years parents 65-28.  Then we are all going to chip in and take out an ad in the almanack (the school newsletter) CHALLENGING the rest of the school to field a team to play us.

Possible team names: (let me know your vote)
a.  Vanilla Thunder
b.  Mama Mia
c.  House of Pain
d.  Team Rubios
e.  Pinkberry All Stars

1.  make sure your kid brings their library book with them to school on Monday otherwise they don't get a new one and go "wah wah wah"...

2.  The kids have met Mr. Cool and listen to "Jimmy" the guy on the listening center tapes, this week they are going to meet another friend of mine, Dr. Science and later this week our resident artist "David Schwockney" might pop in.

Thanks to all the families that came to our first of many park days!  Isn't that park something?!

The kids seem to love Rubios!  

It was interesting how many dads FLOUTED the K29 rules and ordered beers at Rubios.  It appears we have some rebels amongs.  (it was all the dads with younger kids so I don't blame them, they are above the law!)

Don't you hate it when your kid really likes something that is totally lame, like a really bad movie, terrible chuck e. cheese pizza, webkins or vegetables?  Thats the way they are with this DVD language program "Muzzy".  It is totally lame and they LOVE IT!

please check your email tonight, I am 90% sure I am going to push the park day up to 9:45 or 10 to get us to lunch a tad sooner!
wait til you see what we do to Rubios.  we destroy the place but they know me there and don't mind at all.

SUPER THANKS to Elijahs Dad for the DVD player and Annalises Dad for the camera.  I am so spoiled.  I ask and i receive.  I appreciate every day i work at this incredible school.

We did our first all school assembly this morn.
We did our first newsletter about what we did this week today.
The VP came in and talked to the kids about the school rules.

Here is the after school STAR class schedule I have been given.  if your child is not on it but you sent the paperwork in call STAR directly.

MOnday:  fiona, kiki, yasmeen
Tues: nellie, andrew, josh
Wed: nellie
Thurs: kiki, yasmeen
Friday: josh, chelsea, (josh is signed up for 2 friday classes?)

there are only 2 kids signed up for the video game bus on tues.  that one is a blast!

Our park day for Sat is ON!  (assuming its not raining.  if you have any question about the weather on that side of town please call me at 500-KURT)

Let's meet there at 10:30am.  (the time might change so be sure to check your email tonight)

Playa Vista Park (people in the area refer to it as Schwengri-la because I am there with my boys more than the local residents).  This is a public park, this is NOT a gate community.
Go down lincoln, left on Jefferson, make your first right into Playa Vista and just head to the SOUTHWEST corner of the community and there is the park.

anything you want.  Parents should wear tennis shoes since we might be playing an impromptu basketball game or softball game with the kids...  they have a huge grass field so maybe bring a frisbee but they also have a great playground so you can bring a book to read while they play!

I will be handing out awards to the kids (fish tacos certificates) to be used at Rubios!

Let me know if you can't make it but would like to send your child and I will try to arrange a ride for them!

Please let me know if you have any questions!

1.  we were just about to watch Muzzy (that spanish thing) and my DVD player won't play it cause it's so old.

2.  I was taking great pix of the kids painting (see the site) and my class digital camera broke!
DOES ANYONE HAVE A DIGITAL CAMERA THAT I CAN BORROW TIL WE GET A NEW ONE?  preferably a cheap/used one I don't have to lock up at night...

3.  Super thanks to Kevins dad for getting the basketball nets!  He now leads the "K29 Father of the Year" race, that is until someone beats me at golf or invites me over to watch Prison Break.

1.  kevins dad is doing the basketball nets.  in return i will be exposing his son to UCLA Basketball, a dynasty in the making.
2.  we did a rain drill today.  they moved their backpacks to the other hooks.  it was very exciting for them.  i am still trying to calm them down.
3.  EVERY CHILD colored their butterfly symetrically!

1.  when working in class NEVER let the kids start over on a paper assignment.  i only make 20 of each so there are no extras, and don't do one yourself.
2.  after working in class DO NOT take your kids work home from their cubby.  sometimes we finish it later
3.  HEY SUPER DAD, can someone go to big 5, buy 3 basketball nets and put them on our hoops?  thanks!

I was hoping to teach the kids a math lesson based on yesterdays golf outing with Stella and Rileys dads but alas, neither of them was able to keep their score in double digits (and that's on a nine hole course!).  We do not teach triple digits til the spring.

I have already made next tuesdays t time (2:12 at penmar).  If you think you can make it please let me know.

they are forecasting rain for friday and Sat. and we never discussed rain at back to school night.

1.  when its raining the kids hang their backpacks on the hooks by the other door.  they also enter the class through that door.
2.  NO UMBRELLAS!  of course they can carry them to school but they CANNOT LEAVE THEM HERE.  They do not use them to go to lunch.  We just run like the dickens!
3.  NO PUDDLE JUMPING, this includes before and after school
4.  DO NOT be late picking up on rainy days.  My lunch time is cut short and i do not have time to go to Rubios so I can be a bit cranky and may give you the stinkeye if you are late.


What a great day!
The kids (and helping parents) completed their first REAL day of Kindergarten!
Rotation was amazing!  please check out the pix at WITH YOUR CHILD TONIGHT.  go through the pix as a slideshow and ask them about the different activities.  If they tell you that Mr. S is NOT the best at ants in the pants, they are lying! 

The afternoon included their first visit to the LISTENING CENTER to listen to THE VERY HUNGRY CATERPILLAR!

the kids seem to totally get "symetry".  my math work for the Fall is done.

I read them the book "if it weren't for farmers"

If you hear screams at 2:18 it is probably Stella and Rileys Dads marvelling at my tee shot!

1.  the kids did great at Marvelous Monday rotation.  ask them about the relay races!

2.  the kids learned one of the most important math lessons of the Fall today:  SYMETRY.  ask them what symetrical means.  I had them color butterflies this morning (before the symetry lesson) to see who already knew to color them symetrically.  Congrats to Andrew and Nellie.  They could not explain why they did it but they did it!

3.  If you are working in class tomorrow, get a good nights sleep.  you will need it!
color and class bingo
pattern blocks
ants in the pants
dot to dot

4.  MAKE SURE your child brought home a library book or else it might already be lost!  don't bring it back til NEXT monday morning!

1.  the K29 room moms have been selected!  congrats to yvette, kristin and heidi!  As stated on back to school night, I run a puppet regime and wield all the power of K29.  Please do not bother the room moms with ANY class business as they are already behind schedule in planning my surprise 30th birthday party, which will take place at 8:35am on Friday, October 12th here in the classroom.

2.  A parent who was late picking up on Friday brought me a much appreciated Pinkberry today (complete with chocolate chips and coconut, glad to hear someone was listening to me on back to school night).  I was just kidding about bringing me a Pinkberry if you are late picking up.  While it may be the "right thing to do" and keep you in the "good graces" of Mr. S, it is certainly not mandatory.  Whether or not you choose to do the right thing is between you and your god.

Prior to Pinkberry the parents used to bring me a "McRib" whenever they were late.  I usually gain at least 17lbs in the Fall.

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